First Al-Saha was founded in Ukraine in 2013 as an online store of the natural vegetable oils of the famous Egyptian natural oils producer El Hawag. In the beginning, Al-Saha Ukraine supplied only the Ukrainian market.  

In 2015 Al-Saha Ukraine and El Hawag opened worldwide retail sales on the common online store El Hawag Online Store. El Hawag shipped all kinds of natural oils including black seed oil by cargo to Ukrainian storehouse and Al-Saha Ukraine shipped out all retail orders of El Hawag Online Store worldwide.

In 2019 Al-Saha Ukraine got bigger and officially opened Al-Saha International for the global worldwide supplies of retail orders for natural oils. By 2020 El Hawag Online Store will be totally changed by Al-Saha International.


The system stays the same: El Hawag factory is shipping black seed oil and natural oils by cargo to the Ukrainian storehouse. Al-Saha International Online Store is taking retail online orders and ship out all that orders worldwide from the Ukrainian storehouse.           

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25 Taha El Denary Str.

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Cairo, Egypt


Str. Vasilenka 8, office 98, 

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